We believe that any successful project should start with a successful conversation.

So we always begin by figuring out what makes you and your goals unique. As a team of seasoned professionals, we may have hundreds of completed projects in our portfolio, but well never assume yours is just business as usual. You dont fit in a box, so we wont cram you into a template. Because while this work might be usual to us, we still do it unusually well.

Meet our unusually great team

Tatjana Volbeke

Tatjana Volbeke

Founder, Director

"Good UX always feels effortless, even though creating it rarely is. Understanding how users spend their time online isn't everything. There's a lot of strategy, innovation, design thinking and management that goes into creating websites and apps that deliver outstanding experiences, and I'm passionate about it every step of the way."

Edmundas Stundzius

Edmundas Stundzius

Product Design

"No other human experience drives me to get out of bed more than seeing the things I build being used and enjoyed. While my career began with a focus on graphic design, the love for tech eventually led me to work with startups and product teams. Solutions that are functional don't have to be boring, and that's the mantra I follow to make things unlike usual."

Arnas Stucinskas

Arnas Stucinskas

Web Development

"The world of coding is extremely dynamic. I can’t count the times I’ve changed the way I do things throughout my programming career. But each time I’m excited and inspired by innovation and new better ways of working which enables me to implement the most creative ideas."

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Collaborate, inside and out

We are more creative as a team than as individuals, and this includes our clients. Collaboration and mutual appreciation are necessary for success.


Make pretty work

Good design is not choosing between beauty or functionality. It’s making both work hand in hand.


Be remote, not distant

Co-location is a thing of the past. We find strength in different geographies and backgrounds of our team members.


Think laterally, not literally

Cookie-cutter just won’t cut it. We turn every assumption and dominant idea on its head and see where that takes us.


Make things human

Understanding human stories helps build powerful experiences. We strive to meet the needs of the people in every project we encounter.

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